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Folklore's Brand Bootcamp: Brand Strategy

with Joanna Lilley

Jo’s entire career has been dedicated to building brands through deep strategy, effective comms and impactful design; working with businesses from a wide range of industry sectors and at varying scales. She has worked alongside some of the country’s biggest brands from corporates like Qantas; leading the visual evolution in 2016 and working with the senior leadership team to develop the Group Purpose, Caltex; spending seven years on the brand and business strategy and ultimately the transition over to Ampol, and Toyota; adapting and implementing the global brand platform for the Australian market.
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Folklore's Brand Bootcamp: Scaling Auror Globally

with Marcus Hoefliger

Marcus leads the marketing team at Auror and has helped grow it from a predominantly New Zealand-based business, to now operating with major retailers and police agencies across Australia, US, Canada, and the UK. During that time the marketing team has gone from 0.5 to 10+ FTE. In this session, he'll cover what enabled our marketing success going from start up, to now scaling the business globally. 

Folklore's Brand Bootcamp: Startup Media

with Simon Thomsen

Simon is the Editor of Startup Daily and host of the Startup Daily show on the business streaming service ausbiz.com.au. Simon was previously Associate Editor of Business Insider Australia and before that a full-time restaurant critic, Editor of The Good Food Guide, and a newspaper proprietor. He is also an investor in early-stage startups. Simon joins us for an AMA, so bring your curly questions about PR announcements, pitching your startup story, interview tips and media dos and don'ts to keep in mind!

Folklore's Strategy Bootcamp

A round table discussion between Campfire senior leaders around topics like planning methodologies, scoping opportunity areas, prioritising and making decisions effectively, having a raise to raise mindset, and exits and acquisitions.
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What Does PLG Mean to You with Jake Baker from Spriggy

During this casual discussion, we talked about what we think product-led growth means, whether it's right for our customers, the application of product led growth to B2B and B2C, and more.
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Building Product-Led Teams with Tushar Bhatia from Atlassian

​Learn about the ingredients for successful product growth team, the different PLG models for teams, and common challenges when starting - along with how to overcome them.

How to Run Internships with Earlywork

Bringing interns into your growing business is a great way to build brand awareness and your talent pipeline, nurture future talent and build out your team to accelerate growth. The Earlywork team dive into why interns make great additions to your team, what roles are the best suited for internships and how to help your interns get the most out of their time with you.

The Art of Creating a Winning Team with Carol Issa

As you scale your team, you need to divert more of your own resources and skillset towards building your capability as a leader. In this session, discover a framework to boost your leadership skills and go from 'managing people' to creating a powerful environment that favours ongoing contribution and growth. Leave this session with a blueprint to help you build a team that is motivated and committed to delivering outstanding outcomes.

Four Leadership Styles and How They Impact the Performance of Your Team with Carol Issa

Discover a leadership style that is authentic and unique to you - and identify which blend works best for you and your team. Learn how to identify the most significant gaps and start leveraging your unique strengths - ultimately leading your team to a whole new level of success.

Level Up Your Product and Tech Hiring with The Onset

Finding tech and product talent can be hard, especially when you're competing with larger tech firms. But, early-stage startups have a lot to offer - including a laser focus on compelling missions, and a fast changing and exciting environment that propels careers. This session covers what resonates with global talent, crafting an engaging candidate experience - from drafting the JD to closing a candidate, and rallying your entire company to get involved in the recruitment process.   👉 Review the slides

Maximise R&D Tax Incentives with Noah Connect

Australia has one of the most generous R&D incentive schemes for innovation in the world. During this one hour session, Noah Connect covers what the R&D tax incentive is and what’s new in this space, what type of innovation grants are available and relevant to you, who is eligible, and what the application and ongoing record keeping process involve.

Nurturing Culture through a Distributed Workforce with the Auror P&C Team

Distributed workforces are here to stay for the time being. Beyond the pandemic, a flexible and remote-friendly culture is an attractive perk and even a competitive advantage, opening access to top talent around the world. If you're wondering how to scale your culture in line with your team's growth – wherever they are in the world – this session is for you.

Understanding Immigration Visas: Make the World Your Hiring Funnel with The Migration Agency

Navigate the complexity of immigration visas so you can hire internationally and open up your talent funnel to the world. This session discusses special priority pathways and visa options, an insight into the needs and wants of international candidates, practical tips to assist you with recruiting and relocating talent, and more.

Understanding ESOP with Dan Fleming

A massive perk of working for a startup is that every employee usually will get ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) – a share of ownership of the company you're all working on building and growing. But what does getting ESOP actually mean? ​Folklore Investor Dan Fleming as he takes us through how to calculate the value of your ESOP, when you can actually realise the value of your ESOP and how this value is impacted when your company raises more money.

State of Aus Funding Panel

Hear from some of Australia’s top investors as they dive into key fundraising trends and sentiment, identify the common fundraising challenges and opportunities founders face, and share where they see the fundraising ecosystem going in 2022 and beyond.

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