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Who we've backed

  Folklore Ventures proudly invests in companies from pre-product and pre-revenue, and partner with them to hundreds of employees and hundreds of million in revenue.

  Adaptive learning materials for teachers and students

  Accelerating drug delivery through automated access to clinical trials

  Proactive student wellbeing support

  Global provider of cloud-based platform for secure information governance

  The leading field servicing ecosystem for building compliance

  Superhuman vision for autonomous navigation

  Powering smart, simple and more human insurance

  Funding secure delivery and management of technology in education

  Financial and technology products that reimagine the renting experience

  Real-time operations software for property portfolios

  Building the financial advice industry with a genuine consumer focus

  Transforming healthcare delivery through autonomous drone networks

  Crime intelligence platform that reports, solves and prevents crime, for good

  Enabling access to mentorship for teams and companies at any scale

  Software delivery and feature management for engineering teams

  Democratising access to academic content

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