An intro to user-centric design for early-stage startups

  Some of the fastest-growing companies in the world (Nike, Airbnb, Uber and the like) have made design a strategic advantage. The research suggests that organisations that incorporate their customers' needs into their businesses make nearly 2x more revenue and shareholder returns than their competitors.

With this, demand for UX/UI, product and web designers is rapidly growing, especially at the early stage. Read more about Design Chapter here.

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Design 101 with Rei Paki

Rei is the COO at Hello Human, a Design and Innovation Consultancy. He’s worked at the intersection of humans and technology for over 20 years, and is passionate about using the tools of design to bring about lasting, positive and impactful change for people, our environment and our future.

Putting the customer first with Jen Heazlewood

Jen has over 18 years of design experience in digital, service and product and has worked around the world. She has led many design teams across global brands such as Nike, Dyson, Google, Unilever, Afterpay, and Block, along with award-winning agencies. Jen is most passionate about connecting people, and her core focus is leading, mentoring, and growing teams across product and service innovation, all while listening to customers to create unique customer first experiences.

Building for inclusivity with Bianca Cassaniti

Bianca is a design leader who is passionate about creating effortless user experiences and purposeful visual design.Over the years, she has learned that empathy and understanding is the key to great design; and for something to be beautiful, it must first be functional.

Design systems with Marie-Claire Dean

Marie-Claire is a product leader with more than a decade of experience in UX, product strategy, design leadership, organisational design and culture, and a PhD in Ai and Human-computer interaction. She has been leading UX across global brands such as Google, Atlassian and is now the Head of Product at The Mintable, where she is responsible for building out Ai-powered offerings to empower managers globally. Marie-Claire is also tasked with scaling an exceptional product organisation.

The design sprint with Jason Lam

Over the past 7 years, Jason has worked as a Product (UX/UI) Designer in agency, startup and scale up environments leading the research, design and strategy of a variety of projects - big and small. Jason thoroughly enjoys educating others about Product Design, working in multi-faceted teams, collaborating with stakeholders and strives to inspire people through innovative and meaningful designs.

Data-driven design with Maria Sereno

Maria is a multidisciplinary maker in love with difficult questions and complex problems, and brings a wealth of experience from hugely successful & design-first Aussie startup Linktree, along with a number of other design roles and her own startup which she’s currently building. She also has a passion for inclusive design.

Shipping it with Ari Sharifi & Evan Simmonds

Ari is a product designer and developer with over a decade of experience, specialising in UI UX Design, Front-End Development, Design Systems, Strategy and Team Building. He is currently a part of the MILKRUN team - a service which I’m sure a number of us have used before, and has a background at Koala, Canva and a bunch of corporates like SONY, Qantas, Commbank and more.
Evan is a designer with 10+ years of experience in digital products. He loves contributing to the amazing journey Up Bank is on, and helping people feel connected with their money. Evan enjoys discussing the experiences he has had in the hope of inspiring others in product and design.

Designing at startups and scale-ups / Panel Discussion with Enrica Wong, James Nau, Yung-Ching Chen, Dan Johnston

Listen to four incredible design leaders sharing their design experiences and learnings with us all - each with very different journeys into this space.
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