Level up your growth skills

Ā  For most startups, once you've achieved product market fit, you then look to focus on scaling your vision. Growth Chapter is our short course for founders and operators who would like to build the growth foundations needed to skyrocket ANZ startups to global success.

Find the course content below and post your questions in the #growth Slack channel for extra support from the community.

Welcome to Growth with Stephanie Kwok

Stephanie took us through key growth trends in the US, the intersection between growth and marketing and more. Ā 

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What is Growth with Daniel Lohrmann

Daniel spoke to the relationship between growth and other functions, key trends, and what makes a good growth professional.


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Growth & Retention 101 with Neha Mathur

Neha shared about establishing key frameworks for driving acquisition, retention and experimentation. Ā 

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Building for Growth with Nick Harley

Nick walked us through mistakes to avoid as a growth operator, tools and platforms to use, and how to work with other teams. Ā  šŸ‘‰ Review the slides

A Data-Driven Growth Strategy with Phil O'Connor (Part #1)

Phil talked scoping, experimentation, and practical case studies. Ā  šŸ‘‰ Review the slides

A Data-Driven Growth Strategy with Jason Wells (Part #2)

Jason took us through setting up your conceptual framework and objective function, understanding your unit economics, and managing commercial trade-offs and attribution. Ā  šŸ‘‰ Review the slides

Product Led Growth with Audrey Melnik

Audrey spoke to three problems stopping you from achieving experimentation nirvana, the Customer Journey Optimization methodology, and the key phases of a SaaS Trial. Ā  šŸ‘‰ Review the slides

Growth at Airwallex with Saurish Mody & Chai Ng

The Airwallex growth team shared their journey and operating model, organisation structure, people, systems and motivators in both early and scaling stages, and what does and does not matter. Ā  šŸ‘‰ Review the slides

Growth at HealthMatch & Spaceship with Anna Cheng

Anna talked about how she grew HealthMatch to 1M users in 10 months, and 19 different channels to explore, with case studies. Ā  šŸ‘‰ Review the slides

Ask Me Anything with Sean Safahi

Sean shared insights from his time at Netflix and Airbnb, and answered questions from the community.

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