We’re delighted to be working with you and proud to be supporting you at this stage and as you grow & scale. Please read the following step-by-step information for quick and important onboarding steps to officially induct you and your team to the Folklore Portfolio. Should you need any assistance throughout this process, please contact Jem directly.
Let's get you onboarded!
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    Key contacts within your company:
    Should the key contact of your business change, please ensure you let Jem know.
    Portfolio reporting:
    Depending on the frequency and depth of board reports, we may request further reporting on a quarterly basis. We understand that your team has priorities, so we will ensure that these requests are within reason. If you have not already, please complete this form ASAP.
    Investment notes:
    We are in the process of completing these. Once complete, we will get these across to you for your revision and confirmation. These will be going on our website, used for social media, and sent to our LP's.
    Board reports:
    Should Folklore not be on the board, please ensure any board reports and additional reporting is sent to us.
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    Communications & marketing
    Key dates and announcements:
    This will help align efforts and support communication initiatives effectively. As discussed, we will take your lead on PR, when and if you decide to make this announcement.
    ✅ Please provide key dates for upcoming milestones.
    Marketing Collateral:
    e.g. logo/s, brand guidelines, key messaging documents.
    ✅ Please share existing marketing/brand collateral with Rochelle.
    Founder photo/s:
    👉example here👈 Should you not have these, we can help organise these for you in your home location or at the Folklore office. Please advise if you’d like support here.
    ✅ Please provide professional, high resolution photos of the founding team.
    We would love to send you our Folklore swag, and Cassidy will ensure you receive this.
    ✅ Please complete this form.
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    The Folklore team are here to help you
    A space to request 1:1 assistance from Folklore 👉Request help here👈
    Folklore Support Stack here
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    Support stack
    Campfire Community:
    You should have an invite in your inbox to join Campfire. If you have not received this, The link is here. This community includes ~900 vetted members: portfolio founders, their teams, our Chapter coaches (subject matter experts) and participants, and external partners.
    Chapters are formed thematically to nurture the next generation of startup builders in ANZ. We have 200 participants interested in building & scaling revenue-generating businesses ANZ startup landscape (founders, leaders and/or operators).
    Bootcamp sessions:
    Our expert-led group sessions are for founders and/or their teams, depending on the topic. Please advise me if you have a specific topic you would like to hear about or if your teams would value hearing about.
    Campfire sessions:
    Campfire sessions cover granular advice on critical issues such as hiring, tax, infrastructure, engineering, leadership and more. Where learning turns into implementation and growth is accelerated.
    Portfolio Roles:
    👉Here👈you will see our portfolio job board to harness the power of Folklore’s network to find you the best talent. Please share a link to your job board. All roles will automatically appear.
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    Finally, how else can we help?
    We're curious about your current challenges or "blind spots”. Whether it's refining your business strategy, navigating operational complexities, strategising your external brand, scaling your team, or exploring new avenues for growth, we are here to offer our expertise, guidance, and connections.
    The Folklore Team are genuinely excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to working closely with you to achieve your goals. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, ideas, or suggestions.
    To arrange an official intro, please feel free to lock in some time with Jem.
To reach out to the Folklore community and team, head over to Slack here

Need support? Request assistance from the Folklore team here