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  Many startups don't start thinking about people as a strategic priority until it's too late.

People Chapter is our short course for founders and P&C operators who want to learn how to manoeuvre through the full employee experience - from being a talent magnet, to nurturing an environment that enables people to reach their potential, to scaling your organisation for hyper growth.

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The War on Talent and the "Great Resignation" with Jamie Finnegan, Kirsti Grant and Nicole Hopkins

With all that has happened to the world in the last 2 years, people’s relationship with work has been brought to centre stage. Our panelists shared their perspective on how the people and culture space has changed, and what is expected of people leaders over the next few years.  

Employer Brand, Frameworks for Talent Strategy and Culture with Kirsti Grant and Jeanelle Ooi

Kirsti and Jeanelle from the Auror team discuss the employer brand journey, and how to establish a foundation for culture and values.


👉 Review the session notes

Hiring and Onboarding with Priya Vase and Sean McCarton

Priya and Sean from The Onset shared global insights on what top talent want, designing your recruitment and hiring process and continuously evolving your process, and onboarding best practice.   👉 Review the slides

Startup Incentives to Attract and Retain with Dan Fleming, Laura Warden and Jamie Finnegan

Our panelists share their perspective on how to think about and use innovative benefits to actively retain and engage talent.  

Building Leaders with Carole Issa

Carole from Leadership Activators discusses the 5 stages of leadership and a map/pathway for individuals to get to “active leadership”.   👉 Review the slides

Company Culture with Katrina Hau, Katrina Armitage and Nicole Hopkins

A startup having a “great culture” is now table stakes to attract and retain talent. Despite this, there is still misconception around what culture is, who is responsible for it and how to nurture it through various stages of company growth. Our panellists talk about these big questions and one of the most invisible and misunderstood forces for startup success.

Personal Growth with Maxine Minter

Maxine from The Co-Lab talked about how you create a psychologically safe environment for learning and growth that ultimately leads to bring out the best in people, enabling them to thrive. Learn about what norms and habits, systems and structures can be created and reinforced to enable this.

People Metrics as Your Company Scales with Charlie Simson

Charlie from Plucky Frank talks to the key people metrics to track - and how these evolve as a company scales.

Scaling For Growth with Lisa Miller

Lisa shares the processes, rituals and tools required for a people-focused company going through hyper-growth.   👉 Review the slides

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